So this may seem a bit odd to some of you peeps and make total sense to others. Presenting:


Week 10: Host another House Party

This accomplishment was a long time coming. Back in the “good aul days” I used to have a good few parties. People seemed to really enjoy them and I usually had the best time ever hosting them. Who doesn’t like a good session. So It has been, dare I say, a couple of years since I had a party. I hadn’t seen a lot of my close friends in ages, which is not because of the lack of parties but a party would definitely be a solution.

So here’s a brief history of my parys….well, The best bits


1. The Pirate Party

Unforgettable really, I met a lot of my close friends at that party


2. The Random Party

There is no surviving photographic evidence, but i sill have the mental scars, that night got a tad out of control


3. The Cowboy Party

4. The Halloween Party



5. My 18th

6. Wicklow Road Trip

7. Mary’s Surprise 18th

9. Chrismuka

So after much a successful track record I decided to bite the bullet and get back into my old party planning thinking cap! Paddy’s Day just around the corner… PERFECT. Weather was looking pretty good…BBQ..PERFECT.

We do not own a barbeque in our house but sure why would you let that ruin a fantastic idea when Argos have 2 disposable ones for 8 quid…. PERFECT. And so the group text went out.

Embarrassing photos taken down? CHECK

Valuables Stored away? CHECK

House Cleaned? CHECK

Garden Cleared? CHECK

A party outfit? CHECK

Invites sent? CHECK

Booze Bought? CHECK

Meat Bought? CHECK


Did it work? Did People come? Did they have fun?


Week 10: Host another House Party…Bloody Great

The Paddy’s Day Party received rave reviews, my friend, Friend (that’s her name) described it as a “kitchen full of friendships”

“A Veritable fest of Drunkards and Scallywags” – Kieran Lawless, comedy god of Hen Partys. (HA!)

“You absolutely saved paddy’s day! thanks a million ba-zillion!!” – Katie Keane

“Was mighty craic” – Sarah O’Sullivan

“Did you find my hoody?” – Simon Mulholland

Here’s a pic or two of the fun fun fun!


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