Ok, love it or hate it…wait who loves water meters?

We in the Comedy Ireland HQ had a think on ways to save money due to the water meter and here is our list.

Tip 1:

Join a gym.

Not only will this make you super trim and fit, all of the gyms have FREE showers. Of course you have to pay per month or a yearly fee but beats paying charges on your water meter.
















Tip 2:

Don’t keep pet fish.

Yes they might be lovely, and are part of the family, but they are another mouth consuming that liquid gold.

Just do not lob them into a local pond, or flush them (more money gone), give them to the rich or a local T.D.





















Tip 3: 

No more ice cubes!

Sadly this too is a pricey habit. Plus who does not love this image? It the Rapper and average actor (Except in Friday he should of got an Oscar) as an ice cube – get it?

Ice cube as an ice cube












Tip 4: 

Do not flush to loo unless it is a poo….sorry. 

A tad gross, but where there is muck there is money.

Buy some toilet duck, after a wee just pour some of the duck on it. Obviously when it gets too bad, flush away!

















Tip 5:

Use the toilet elsewhere (Work, cafe, friends house) 

Takes money to save money if you go to a cafe, they will ask for you to show you bought a coffee or a bun.

Perhaps just go to the toilet before you leave work, or call into a friends. Use that classic ‘I was passing by’.


















Tip 6:

Do as Matt Damon would do….



Tip 7:

No more water balloons! 

And never mess with Freddie Wong….or so it seems.


Other way’s to save on water meters is to not waster it in the first place.

No you are not a water feature, and get down from standing on that wall pretending to be one and wet people as they walk past.

Got any more ways to save money? Let us know!

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