So we felt in the Comedy Ireland HQ that there are not enough jokes been told anymore.
After much discussion we recalled some of the ‘Dad Jokes’ we use to tell each other so we created a new feature on the site called, well you guessed it by now ‘Dad Jokes’.
We want you to join in so please do tweet us @Comedyireland or Facebook us here with you jokes. Plus use the hash tag #DadJokes so we can follow them!
Have a gander at these so far!


Why did the scarecrow win an award?

Because he was out standing in his field


Who’s the coolest guy in the hospital?

The ultrasound guy


Guessing you thought that was the last of the hospital jokes? You guessed wrong.


Who’s the coolest guy in the hospital when he’s not there?

The hip replacement guy


Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?

because he was dead


why do elephants have big ears?

because noddy won’t pay the ransom


What have Titanic & The Sixth Sense got in common?

Icy dead people



We will add the rest throughout the day and many thanks to Carrie Doyle and Mick Ryan for their contributions


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