Day 7- Maintaining healthy hair.

I must stress that I am not a beauty blogger.

I don’t know which shampoo gives a dry scalp or which gives optimum moisture.

However, I do know that one should refrain from setting one’s hair on fire.


You’re welcome.


You see, I specialise more in the unhelpful, incoherent bullshit area.

Having read my blog, you will most certainly not leave with the latest beauty know-how or with anything useful whatsoever actually.

I offer swearing, confusion and stupid pictures.

So anyone looking for anything productive from this, feel free to leave now.

Gather your coats on your way out.


Word of warning to the rest of you:

I am in no way qualified to write this post and my advice should be taken lightly.

Infact, perhaps it’s best to do the opposite of what I advise.


Lighters at the ready.




Shall we proceed?

Okay then.


As I’ve mentioned before, the first thing to remember when it comes to haircare is to stay away from fire.

Personal experience has taught me that dying should be avoided.

…Further personal experience has taught me that bleaching is the work of Satan himself.

For you see,

I, too, dabbled in the dark art that is bleaching.

It’s something I’m not proud of, but it happened.

“She with hair like straw” they called me.



However, I soon came to terms with my gingerness and all was right with the world.



Bluetac has absolutely no place in hair.

It has a tendency to result in a nasty old haircut and a lot of name calling.


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