Happy Days – Crystal Swing 














Believe it or not, Crystal Swing have managed to surprise the nation yet again.

Having gone to rehab after all those shots of Tequila they have reinvented themselves.

Sadly this time we have far too many questions to ask regarding this video.

Here are a few of them:


When did Mary become a teacher?


Why are the kids so eager to be back in school, aren’t they 22 or something?


Some school let Crystal Swing film their music video there, why?


Would you allow you kids to go to that school now?


Who owns the Bra on the skeleton?




Why is this guy swinging a bra around? What school allows this carry on?





They go to a ‘diner’ aka Eddie Rockets, where are the regular customers?



Derek clearly smacks people with spoons, and one lady on the bottom….was he given permission?



Why is the girl in green so angry? (3:18 in clip if you don’t believe us)








We would love to know what questions or how you feel about the latest in Crystal Swing moments. 

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