I love japanese food. I love most food actually. I like going to Yamamori and have endured the shame of asking for a knife and fork for far too long so I thought I”d start the year off with something relatively simple



So I did what anyone who wanted to immerse themselves in a culture would do. I googled it. Two minutes later and a few minutes rummaging  through my bedside locker to find two pens to practive with and after some intense determination, I got it! Pen like chopstiks mastered. But that was in my own home. I needed a challenge. It was all well and good, in the comfort of my beroom using two biros to pick up random objects around the room, in an actual restaurant there would be noodles, and misshapen pieces of chicken, juices and vegetables, japanese waitresses with judging eyes, there would be music and pressure and oh it would be CHAOS. But I went



I DID IT!!!!

I ate a whole meal! Noodles, pork, prawn, juice, veggies, the pressure. I overcame it all.


Week 1: Learn to use chopsticks…WIN!

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